You probably have seen my photography work and think it is something that you like. Here I would like to give opportunity to share my personal experience in taking pictures as well as meeting new people who also share the same interest as me. If you have invested in a very expensive camera and you still depend on ‘Auto’ setting, this is the time for you to utilize and maximize the possibility that you and your camera/tools have.

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Photography Foundation Workshop (±2 hours)

  • Help you develop “The Photographer’s Eye.”
  • Reintroduce yourself with your own camera and it’s lenses
  • Learn how to use your camera correctly
  • Understand the principle/skills/rules behind photography
  • And learn to capture nice images/photos
  • No Limitation on type of camera, as long as it has (Aperture Priority Setting (A/Av), Shutter Priority Setting (S/Tv) or Manual Setting(M))
  • Price: Please Call.
  • Limited spaces (Maximum 8 People) to make sure everyone get the same and personal attention from myself.
  • Include photography session with Free feedback/review from myself on how to improve your photos.


Landscape/Nature/Travel Photography Workshop ( to be further discussed later )

I’m ready to do short trip/getaway which emphasize on learning advanced photography skills (Sunsets, sunrise, landscape, nature, cityscape, etc.). Please contact me to inquiry further information. I can help you or your group of friends to arrange the trip. For now, I offer places such as: North Sumatra regions (Brastagi/Simalem, Lake Toba, Sibolga, Bukit Lawang), Bali, Bromo National Park, Borobudur Temple,  Bunaken, Lombok, Bukit Tinggi/Padang) For other destinations, please contact me. The cost will only cover for the photography learning session, all other cost are your own responsibility.

You can find some of my award & achievement HERE.

Please contact me HERE.

Suwandi Chandra Photography
(061) 4159828
Jalan H.M. Said No. 2Q/Jalan Durian
Medan – North Sumatra

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