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Himeji Castle (姬路城) Then and Now

Himeji Castle (姬路城) Then and Now
Himeji Castle

There are many castles that are spread-out all over Japan, but Himeji Castle (姬路城) is the most famous one, because of its size and great condition. Also its great and beautiful architecture still intact and being preserve as the original condition. The castle is also the main reason why Himeji city and the people can grow and prosper from it. It is also the first site included as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Because of this reason, I have visited this castle twice. One from 2007 and recently I made my way to the castle to see whether there might be any changes to the castle itself and also the city. So, in this post I will just put some old photos and the new one for you to see whether there might be any changes after 10 years.

Here are the one from year 2007:

Here are the photos from 2017:

So what do you think?

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