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Earth Shot on iPhone | #EarthShotoniPhone 2019

Earth Shot on iPhone | #EarthShotoniPhone 2019

Extremely grateful to be able to be part of latest Apple ‘ShotoniPhone’ campaign for the year of 2019. And this year theme is ‘Mother Nature’ with the new tag ‘#EarthShotoniPhone‘.

One of my photo from my trip to Canyonlands National Park under Mesa Arch during sunrise is one of the 20 photos for this campaign. I only managed to see it during my visit to Tokyo, Japan.

Spotted by myself at S2 Building in Shinjuku Park area. Tokyo, Japan

As this photo will be featured all over the world across 25 countries similar to this billboard, it is impossible for me to go and check it out one by one. So, If you or your friends or family members spotted it anywhere, please help me snap the photo and send it to my email suwandicphoto(at)gmail(dot)com.

So, here are several billboard that friends or followers send to me from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Perth, Beijing, etc.

Thank You!


Beijing, China by Mike Xu
Perth, Australia by Rachel S.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Navneet K.
Singapore by Dilip V. T.
Me posing in front of the billboard at Shinjuku, Tokyo. Japan

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