If you don’t have any plan yet for this upcoming Christmas for the year 2019, maybe you should consider visiting Indonesia (North Sumatra, Riau Islands) or Singapore to witness the rare total solar eclipse.

Just for a background, the solar eclipse happen because at this very moment, Earth, Moon and Sun aligned in one straight line and the moon in the middle covering the sun and casting the shadow on Earth which creating this effect of solar eclipse. 

solar eclipse occurs when a portion of the Earth is engulfed in a shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks sunlight. This occurs when the SunMoon and Earth are aligned. — Wikipedia

For more science/technical explanation you can probably visit this wikipedia link HERE.

26 December 2019 Solar Eclipse Path

In this post I will only pointing out information on the location, time and some preparation for you in order to experience or even capturing the photo of this phenomenon in a safe manner.

Firstly, make sure you prepare special glasses for solar eclipse to protect your eyes (Don’t ever look at the sun directly without this glasses).

For your camera/lens, make sure to use this solar filter in front of the lens to protect the sensor and also to get the best result of the sun:

After you cover the safety part, make sure the weather is nice/clear then here are several locations for you to consider.

Partial Eclipse (Easy):

  • Medan (North Sumatra): You can just fly in to Medan and can experience Partial Solar Eclipse (90% Coverage)
  • You can also head to Lake Toba area (Parapat) and also samosir island to see the partial solar eclipse. (92% Coverage)

  • Pekanbaru (Riau) (94% Coverage)

Total/Annular/Full Solar Eclipse:

For total solar eclipse, when the day is clear, you will experience dark sky for the full period of total eclipse, and the horizon will look like sunset. Also, if you are in minimal light pollution area, you can even see the stars!

Here are several locations for your consideration based on your needs:

  • Batam Island (Riau Island): You can just fly here or taking a boat to this island from Singapore.

  • Bintan Island: If you want to spend your Christmas by staying at the resort with beach and other activities, maybe you can head to Bintan Island by boat from Singapore. If the weather is clear, you can even catch the total solar eclipse here from the comfort of your hotel/resort.

  • Singapore (Southern part), you can just go to Singapore and head to the southern part of the island to see the total solar eclipse such as Sentosa island which including Universal Studio and also onboard the cable car during the eclipse.

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