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24 Hours in Takayama & Shirakawago

24 Hours in Takayama & Shirakawago

Takayama (高山) is a gateway to the famous Shirakawago (白川郷) historic village. Which is famous for its location at the valley of mountains and also the architecture of its traditional houses. So, in this post I will try to show the places that you can explore just 1 day including the Shirakawago Village and also the best spot at Takayama. I will called this 24 hours in Takayama & Shirakawago.

Start early in the morning by boarding the bus by Nohi Bus to Shirakawago village. Make sure to get window seat because the sight outside while on the way to the village is amazing. Rolling Mountains, rivers and beautiful small villages along the way. You will have a taste of Shirakawago by stopping at Gokayama Village, where it is a smaller version of Shirakawago.

Before arriving at the village, you can stop by at one of the viewpoint with the gift shop and restaurant where you can taste local food and also looking at Shirakawago panorama for the hill.

Stroll along every corner of the village when you arrive. There are so many different setup and size of the traditional house for you to explore. You can even go inside the house to see the interior and how the local people still living inside and still maintain their tradition for a very long time.

After spending enough time in this beautiful village, head back to Takayama to see the old city of Takayama and visit the famous Hida Kokubunji Temple (飛騨国分寺) with its huge and old Ginkgo Tree.

Also the beautiful Three Story Pagoda.

The 3 story Pagoda under Ginkgo Tree

This is a very peaceful place to relax and enjoy your evening before heading to the old city quarter to taste some local food like.

Stay tuned for more 24 Hours Travel Tips for other destination. If you have any request that you want me to do, please leave a comment.

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