Sapporo Cityscape at Night

Sapporo is the capital of Japanese island Hokkaido. In this post, I will show you how to explore the city main spot in just 24 hours. In addition to that, I will also show you how to add Otaru (小樽) city in the itinerary. So that you will have variety besides just Sapporo Metropolitan city.

Start early and make your way to Sapporo Clock Tower or Odori street. You will see many tall buildings, and here is the place where all the main attraction is. Many parks where local just stroll around and enjoy the morning.

The head to Hokkaido Former Government Building to relax and enjoy the beauty of greenery in the middle of the city. You can also encounter many local people who just gather here for their afternoon lunch break. I was lucky enough to be here when its Ginkgo Trees leaves changed it colour into golden yellow colour. It was a dramatic scenery.

Head back to JR Station for quick lunch. When in the station don’t forget to check out JR Tower Observation. From this height you can see all of Sapporo city view from the comfort of the chairs available in the observation deck. Of, if you are male, check out its toilet for the best toilet with a view of the skyline.

To end the day, head your way to Otaru (小樽) which is a small port city located just 30-45 minutes train ride from Sapporo. This city is famous for its old historic buildings and also the beautiful canal. You can also see many stores selling glassware and don’t forget to try the freshest sushi when you are here.

Stay till late at night around the canal to enjoy beautiful sunset and the lights up.

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Stay tuned for more from this series.