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24 Hours in Okayama City

24 Hours in Okayama City

The trip to Okayama City (岡山) was an unplanned detour from my trip to Japan. But, with the overwhelming number of tourist in major cities like Kyoto, made me wanted to escape from it. The purpose is so that I can get a chance experiencing the real Japan in my whole trip. For Okayama, I was stumbled upon one brochure with beautiful canal photo in it and after a short search, it was actually in Okayama. So, I made my way down South to Okayama from Kyoto to stay overnight there.

So, here is the short guide for you to spend your 24 hours in Okayama City.

The first thing I encounter is the statue of Momotaro (桃太郎) (popular hero of Japanese folklore originating from Okayama) in front of Okayama Station.  

I made my way to Okayama Castle which is not far from the station. The best way is by strolling along the main road to the castle. It was a great walk with many sight to see and experience like the local moving around the city.

Okayama castle (岡山城) is unique because of its exterior colour which appears to be Black compare to normal castle which is normally white. Because of its colour, people gave its nickname as Crow Castle (烏城).

Don’t forget to make your way to the very beautiful Korakuen (後楽園) garden which located just beside the castle area. This is one of the three best landscape garden in Japan. A great place for your morning stroll around the Japanese Garden.

There is a small cafe inside the garden that you can grab some local dessert or sweets or green tea latte. They are delicious and good for a place to catch some air after a long walk.

To end the day, board the local train and made my way to Kurashiki City (倉敷). And here is the canal where I saw the beautiful sunset photo in the brochure while I was in Kyoto. It was an old city with many still original old building lining up besides the canal. It was a great place to enjoy the evening with the sunset.

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